Eating disorders

Our relation with food is difficult to change as it is formed so early in life. It is also very closely connected with nurturing mother figure. I will help you find what you are missing and teach you how to meet the needs you feel compelled to fulfil through food.

Relational problems

Attachment styles theory


Paralysis by Analysis

The favourite way of escaping from feelings for super intelligent people :). We will learn how to “lose your mind and free your soul”



Are you wondering how to be confident and not appear arrogant?

There is a golden rule, we can be very humble and still don’t give up our true selves. How to get there?  Not by repeating assertive phrases learned by heart.


Lack of will to do anything, lost engagement with life.

I will help you to see the light in the tunnel and start walking this direction.

Accommodate, people-please, avoid conflicts at all costs. It sounds familiar?

If you often second guess yourself, therapy can make you feel more comfortable expressing your thoughts and feelings.

Self -Confidence

“Everything you ever wanted is on the other side of fear” after 20 years of dealing with human behaviours and my own limits I cannot agree more.



The are many situations in life when we need to go through all stages of grief…loosing someone you loved so much, that you think life has no sense any more is breaking us in pieces.


Release emotional pain

To feel our emotions



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