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About my career

Throughout my carrier I used to work in sales in four different countries with satisfying results

(what I mean is, those jobs were bringing reasonably good income to live a life with dignity).


How come could I work in many industries with success and still nothing brought a true rest for my soul,

calmness, light happiness. Well, I found out, but not on my own.


As smart as I thought I was I didn't do it myself. I learned that we get hurt in relation and we heal in relation.

About me


why I do

what I do

The path from scared child, then fearful woman to inner smile and confident human being.


Thriving in my carrier didn't make me happy from inside, changing 4 countries didn't help me find my own place in the world. I was raised to be strong, so I was strong, "fake it you make it? - there you go! Didn't work either. After many harms I did to myself I understood that there is no escape from looking inside. I did and it was worth it, that's why I share it with you.


If all the effort you do in life, and I'm sure that your are trying your best to be happy, somehow doesn't work.


If whatever you tell yourself doesn't improve your overall wellbeing and satisfaction from honest efforts, something is disconnected. Perhaps you already feel too exhausted to improving your situation. By gentle awareness and appreciation of your true self you can find what you are missing.


I will be honoured to support you on this path to true realisation.


Unexpressed emotions get stuck in our body and even after many years our posture expresses what wasn’t allowed to get out (anger, sadness, injustice, ..) that’s why only intellectual work will not free you from old patterns that you don’t want to repeat anymore (I learned it hard way and I want to save your time)

Somatic work

Could you express your self when you were a child?


Or you were “to loud”, “not listening” and in general “disturbing”?


Well, no wonder that you “decided”

to hide and not show yourself again-right??


Let’s welcome back little YOU – the world needs what only you have to offer!

Inner Child method

Pushing down your true self leads to depression.

Knowing yourself from the other side lets you live the life you truly want – and this believe me, brings joy after the years of darkness.

Knowing who you are and what you want brings out the best in you.

To show your true self you need courage (and some Shadow work with me).

There is a process to invite hidden parts of you to the day light, and I will walk you through this.

This way you can finally see the beauty around, that everyone is talking about.

And it will be worth waiting. Trust me and take my hand.

I am here as your fellow buddy on this road just a few miles ahead.

Reclaiming authenticity

In my way of work, I have chosen somatic approach as it represents my belief that humans

are integrated neuro-psycho-biological beings.


Body-oriented coaching is consistent with the person-centred paradigm; there is wisdom

in every person and vast resources which guide us to self understanding and self-realization,

we can tap into our full potential if only right environment and facilitation is provided.


I will be honoured to connect with everyone who wants to embark on this journey.


How can I help?

☉ I offer an emphatic approach to wounded Inner Children


☉ A hand in going through grief (there are many situations when we need to walk through all stages of healthy grief)


☉ Overwhelming emotions


☉ Shadow work


☉ Finding the resources that will enable you to build the life you dream about and build the action plan.

How to do it?

I can tell you :)


Are you finding a sense and meaning in the spinning world?


Maybe you feel overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time?


Life can be a rough sea and the anchors are not always there. I will accompany you to discover your hidden resources so you can manage your current situation and build the life you dream about.


If you feel confused right now in your life, I’m here to restore your self confidence.


There is a healing power within each and every one of us as well as creative power – was it silenced withing you?


Let’s find out


Everything starts with the simple conversation.

“Where your pain is today, will be the source of your unique strength”

You don’t want to adapt to the norms which don’t feel yours?


We are so unique and this is how it is meant to be!


Walking your own path is both liberating and empowering.


Don’t let your song die within you.


I help with taking of the

layers of “adaptations”

to discover the unique

being you were created

to be.

Sometimes our talents may get buried during our childhood years instead of being taken into the light, but trust me the seeds are there and I will be honoured to help you bloom.


At the beginning you can grab my hand, still you will be the guide in your own process.


I would like to hear your story, if you like I can share mine and my path back to my inner child and how it changed my life, I am reaching out to you as a buddy on this journey, just a few miles ahead.


Take my hand.


Finding inner peace and joy

by reconnecting to your true self.

Or maybe you hate the anchors and it's time for you to go to the open sea, you just need the wind in your sails (which doesn't come with all self help books 😯)


You are not alone, "there is strength in asking for help, and wisdom in knowing whom to ask"


Maybe you haven't found your tribe yet, for this we need to build the resilience to go out of your shell and show yourself as you are to the world.


Maybe your destination is to build your own tribe!


Get onboard and book your first step to happier life. It's not you that need to change.


Our first appointment is free because I believe it is important that we get to know each other and feel if we can make this path together. I am curious about your story and you probably about my vibe.


"I am ready"

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I am Aleksandra

 and I like to meet unique personalities.

If you feel that you lost the joy of life, contact me and let’s see what can we do about it.


 people with complex personality are creative, sensitive, can think on many levels both analytically

 and using abstract thinking, at the same time however they are more critical towards themselves and often overthinking before getting to action. If you recognise yourself in this description, think how great it would

be to have the things you dream about simply using your potential?


Do you sometimes wonder how your life could be if not for all the emotional blockages inside?


If you don't have a full understanding of who you are, you will continue to make decisions against your true self.

Walk your own path