How to recognise where is the sweet spot in life?

And be ready to face the world and other people with your sensitivity?


When showing vulnerability pays off?


I am answering these questions every day. For every person is different.


I invite you to learn recognising how it is for you.


So you can take back the agency, engage in life again, feel the pure joy and stop being paralyzed by fear.


I am a huge believer in somatic therapy (wholeness of body, mind and spirit), your body will be the guide to the forgotten wounds which the mind couldn’t fully grasp by far.


Take my hand and check out if it works for you.


You know what to do,

just book 20minutes free conversation and find out.


Learn to live your life without apologies.

It’s so much better.

I am just one of the living proofs.

During the sessions I select unique set of techniques adequate to:


  ☉ How are you feeling right now

  ☉ In which moment you are on your path (did you try any kind of therapy before and with which results)

  ☉ What is currently most disturbing you in your everyday life

  ☉ I will partner with you to identify why your challenges started and when


The people I meet respond 50/50 to two scenarios:


   ☉ Prefer to focus on the present to improve the current life satisfaction

   ☉ Need to understand where the root cause of the problem is in order to own their story and subsequently change it.


I work with both groups and like to celebrate our unique qualities.

Life is about making decisions; they will reveal our character and bring us to some place instead of the other. In the end the result feels better when the decisions are truly yours. And you don’t force them on yourself. I am still on the path to my alignment, listening carefully to myself, stopped making decisions against my own wellbeing.


In our work I use only evidence-based models of therapy, and nothing I didn’t try already on myself.


No strings attached on our first free session. :)


Me & my approach

Resolving childhood trauma is my life’s work.


In my practice I use 20 years of my experience with human behaviours as well as my own path to wellbeing, that’s why probably if you struggle, I can feel you.


I apply various approaches to loosen the shell, which were built in order to not suffer ever again.


It’s good to be able to protect yourself.


It would be also nice to engage with life again, knowing that you can use your defence when is truly needed. Balance – is the right word for me to describe the right proportions between privacy and being able to share the important moments with others. Symbiosis and autonomy. Attachment and authenticity.


I am moving on this scale as well, everyday more confidently that I used to in the past.

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