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Our first alignment conversation is free – it’s my honour to meet you as you are.

We will be

 working towards alignment of all your parts (also forgotten and neglected ones)


By spending time with me you will see and feel your own resources, come into contact with them, so you can be an author of your own life. Nobody knows you better than you.


I will support you in keeping company to what is uncomfortable right now, and this will set you free from escapism, overwhelming emotions and self-harming behaviours.


We will build qualities in you that will give you self-confidence to go for what is important for you.


Finding your resources will allow you to built your own path to happiness and success.


You don’t need to follow anyone. This is what exactly the saying “The power is within you” is all about.

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Its’ scary, that’s why it’s good to get a guide,

and then you feel like a winner!