Feel our emotions really maybe overwhelming, the organism is smart, so it protects itself from hurting by escaping in various activities, distractions, self-harming behaviours, everything to “keep the balance”. That’s how we get to “functional freeze”.


The way to keep the real balance without the pressure to inhibit yourself from everything that’s “enjoyable” or “entertaining” is by facing your feelings with respect and in your own pace. Unfortunately, we get hurt in relations, so you may have a tendency to avoid them.


But “the quality of our life depends on the quality of our relations”, as successful therapist Ester Perel says…


I will give you the ground to face your buried emotions and then to approach the relations in a safer way.


You may subconsciously fear the unpleasant feelings you know all to well from your past and this perfectly makes sense! 


But this is also preventing you from moving forward with your life. You don’t want to be hostage of your fear or your past frustrations.


Life’s to short.


Release emotional pain

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