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We may feel fear that allowing ourselves to break in pieces will destroy us forever and life is tough, we need to have certain strength to face it.


Perhaps you get into “functional freeze”, because you have no possibilities to grieve (feel your emotions with all intensity), cause you need to get back to work/ take care of your children/other family members.


This was the case with me when I lost my Mom. I felt that I needed to stay focused, come back to work quickly, occupy my mind with something useful. I was sure that it will overwhelm me and do not have the luxury to loose the job at the moment, etc..  life however was bringing me back to this unresolved situation again and again until I was forced to look into this black hole.


My father, I lost when I was a child therefor I could face consciously the deep sorrow after I became the adult. And connected with that the grief after the childhood I didn’t have.


Then was the grief after the fiancé who at some point felt more attracted to my friend and vice versa. Double grief and a lot of self-doubt.

So if you prefer to avoid the subject I can understand.


I do not have the black holes anymore that are pulling me back. So if you feel that there is something that is blocking you from dreaming big and building the life you want, intense emotions are coming to the surface in the important moments in your life and prevent you from making good decisions for yourself, perhaps there is something there to give a closer look there.


And it is overwhelming to face alone the loss of an important part of our life.


That’s why I am here if you need me.