16 października 2023

What is actually important for you?


The truth is that it is extremely difficult to hear your voice with all the family conditioning, society expectations, social media.

Is it really money you are about? Or what would you like to buy for this money?

This usually answers the question what we truly need and we work so hard, neglecting ourselves in the process to get it, finish burned out and with poor health.

Maybe there is a more straight forward way to fulfil our needs??


I was working hard for the most of my life and my family was proud of me. Every manager loved me and was “rewarding me” with more responsibility. I was raised for a responsible person so I never let down not my Family, nor my employers. My level of life was raising. I just felt drained inside and with less and less energy to move on with that life. People I was meeting on this way were representing some strange values as, how noble it is to work 10-11 hours per day for the company.

Even with very positive attitude you drive yourself to physical exhaustion, and the frustration why all the sacrifice doesn’t bring the expected result of true fulfilment. The full cap from which we are supposed to pour to the wellbeing of close people. Instead, there are fights fuelled with exhaustion and all frustrations from work.


Or lonely life as there is no more room and energy to maintain the relationships.

But we are great in explaining ourselves, that career first and then we will build all the rest.

Except there is no power left in the engine for anything else. And it goes like this for years.

Why is that I followed what I was told by people older than me, and it doesn’t bring me satisfaction. I can buy many of the “must have” things and my life feels empty?



So many people wake up to late to realise, that they are chasing not their own dream.

I don’t want to be one of them. For all work I put in, I think I deserve to feel more comfortable in my skin and in my life. And I don’t mean only going for holidays, but in EVERYDAY LIFE.

Living all year of sacrifices just to go for holidays to relax for two weeks is not for me. I need more balance between how much energy I give and how much energy comes back to me.

I’m not gonna be burned out person with highest rewards for performance. It’s not sustainable.


It required some level of focus to hear my own voice, courage to form my own goals and determination to not derive from that path. The society, advertisement spots will always know better what you need. The Family will always have better idea for your future.

Unfortunately, as easy it is delegate your important decisions outside, even the family who loves you the most does not know you as well as you know yourself.

The life is easier if you follow the same influencers, like everyone around , it gives the sense of belonging, especially in small community.

Sometimes however our soul is shouting for something that people in our closest surrounding cannot understand. If they cannot understand, of course they will not support it and will be giving you a hard time until you will come back to “safe and checked ideas for your life”.


You changing priorities will be uncomfortable for people who never question the given norms.

I didn’t want to hurt anyone who was counting on me, this way I was hurting myself. And trying to work harder to achieve satisfaction.

Unfortunately, when the ladder is leaned on the wrong wall every effort brings you faster in the wrong direction.


It makes sense to reconsider if I make the decisions according to what truly makes me happy, if I ma spending the money according to my values and in general if every action, I’m taking is bringing me to MY dream life.


Leave me a note how your perfect life would look like.

This simple exercise of forming your thoughts to someone with no expectations from you will help you start dreaming freely, forming a vision of a life closer to your heart desires.

Living the life aligned with my values brought me the boost of energy I thought I will never feel again.

So realising my dreams and mine only became possible and I wish it to everyone!


I keep my fingers crossed for you and waiting for your “most bold and crazy ideas” for your time in this world!



Is your ladder leaning on the right wall?

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